Subliminal Messages

Subliminal MessagesSubliminal messages are not a new thing, yet they are still grossly misunderstood not only by the media but also by the conventional psyche of the masses. This doesn't have to be so though, as in fact they are a pretty simple psychological process. I will show you in a very common sense way how they work, and how you too can use them to help sculpt your mind for the better.

The word itself comes from the Latin words "sub" & "limen", which literally translate as "below the threshold". This means that subliminal messages are pieces of information which our minds receive below the threshold of our conscious perception.

In other words these subconscious messages are pieces of information we receive without consciously realizing so.

Subconscious information can be received in many forms, most commonly from audio to visual. Probably the fastest way to explain subconscious processing is by using our every day environment. We are always filtering information out - only processing information that we need in the present moment in time.

When walking in the street we notice the traffic around us, when walking on the path we barely take notice of cars passing just a few feet away. When we are talking to our friends we don't hear other people's conversations... but if we then hear our name spoken by someone outside our group this information does register.

You have been unconsciously processing this conversation all the time - only when you hear your name do you tune into it properly.

Can Subconscious Learning Be Used In A Positive Way?


This isn't just interesting pop psychology. Subconscious messaging is most often used in audio form (i.e. as CDs and MP3s) to help you develop - help you to improve your self esteem and confidence, your determination, willpower, even help you to shed some pounds or become successful in a wide range of other areas - the possibilities are endless.

Only because we are capable of processing information on this subconscious level!

If you use subconscious audio you will receive these positive messages over and over. They gradually will grow within your subconscious mind to make powerful changes to your self beliefs and ways of thinking.

You might still be unsure (many people are before they try it for themselves), if you are then you are in luck as my friends at SubliminalMP3s are currently letting you download 3 free subliminal messages audio albums as well as their mini course in this technology. This way you can experience the benefits of subconscious messaging completely risk free and see for yourself how it works.

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