Dreams & Metaphysical

Want to develop psychic abilities and esp for psychic readings with help from subliminal messages? You don’t need being god-gifted with some special powers in your psyche for that purpose unlike the common belief goes. Researches done in the field have already proved that every human brain can

The question is how and in what way the remote viewing subliminal messages facilitate remote viewing techniques. Can we really view things and events spatially or temporally away from our physical eyes? How to do remote viewing? Of course certain legal and crime departments are making use of such ps

Yes, you CAN learn telepathy techniques through subliminal messages as easily as you learn your mother tongue in the process of coming to your senses in childhood. Is telepathy real?  Getting to know someone’s thoughts in her/his mind even without talking to the person comes from mind control

Seeing auras with help from subliminal messages is a psychic ability and once you have learned how to see them, it becomes a psychic miracle that you can perform at will. How to practice seeing auras? Ambiance plays an important role when it comes to seeing an aura. If the conditions around are not

Dreaming, even if it is not the lucid dreaming when there is no help from the subliminal messages to dream lucid, is something that almost all of us do. But it’s always a blurred sequence of events that we are generally neither able to comprehend nor to rationalize. We don’t seem to have

Astral projection sounds to be something mysterious. More so through subliminal messages! But it’s not! It’s simply the magic of ultimate mind relaxation that can take it beyond its boundaries, out into another world altogether. And as it happens so, you come out to be a totally transfor