Effects of Subliminal MessagesHistorically, the supposed effects of subliminal messages on human mind and human life have been a serious issue as far as manipulating various social and personal issues at the psychological level is concerned.

Since their inception, these messages have seen a lot of skeptic controversy against them.

They work on the theoretical (as well as the observed) premises that if the messages are kept hidden from entering the conscious perception of mind by limiting their exposure to a fraction of a second, they can easily be picked up by the subconscious mental domains though the conscious awareness doesn’t even have an inkling of it.

They tend to change the subconscious conditioning of the mind.

The subconscious conditioning of the mind is what is much more responsible for our actions that we take in our life than our conscious decisions or determination is.

The worrying cause of concern is that they can be used to manipulate people in doing anti-social or illegal actions with all the force of their subconscious beliefs and energy into them.

But then which scientific or technological phenomenon doesn’t have this danger attached with its powers to affect the human life in a positive way?

Nuclear energy is our major hope for all our energy needs in the future, but it was this energy only that killed and disabled millions of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the past; owing to one indiscreet decision on the part of a nation, taken against another!

The effects of subliminal messages on human mind and human life simply depend on the intentions we use them with and, hence, use them for.

We certainly can use them to manipulating negative emotions of hatred and violence, as the terrorist groups already might be doing. We can also certainly use them to create unwanted subconscious desires in the minds of consumers to spend their dollars on the products they had never planned or really needed buying.

But we can also positively use them to treat physical and mental ailments, to seed positivity in mind for personal development, to increase social skills, to overcome addictions, to boost confidence, to increase motivation, to improve concentration, to learn things fast and even to scientifically explore the hidden mysterious domains and capabilities of the human mind and the human body!


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