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Free Subliminal MessagesFree subliminal messages are more in demand than any other free stuff in the market around.


The reason behind this escalated free demand is that people are not yet closely familiar with them.

Though there is a buzz around in the air everywhere about their name and the effect they exert on the human mind for whatever purpose it could be, yet very few of us have actually gone into a subliminal experience with them to be able to assess their real worth for their price that they come tagged with.

There is an air of mystery associated with their name owing to a well advertised ban on their use in the advertising industry for the reason that they could affect the audiences’ mind in a compulsive manner to be subconsciously forced into buying a thing despite them.

The last word ‘them’ that I used here refers to their conscious self that is involved in conscious decision making processes as far as spending money over buying a thing or not is concerned.

Subliminal advertising have long been known to have the power to bypass this conscious self in order to get deeply ingrained in the subconscious faculty of mind creating an insuppressible urge to ignore the conscious decisions made by you and making you almost automatically buy the stuff that the advertising message was designed to sell.

That was what had happened in 1957 when these messages were flashed using a tachistoscope with the messages “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry? Eat popcorn” beyond conscious perception for 1/3000 of a second at five-second intervals on a movie screen by a market researcher named James Vicary, which resulted in the increased sale for the two items by 18.1% and 57.8% respectively.

As a result subliminal advertising got banned in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US by the year 1974.

But subliminal messaging survived as a more practical form of hypnosis, the latter being quite cumbersome to manage a session for. The results being almost the same, the subliminal craze picked up fast; and today it is much more in demand than hypnosis had ever been as far as addressing the subconscious mind for therapeutic and self improvement purposes is concerned.

But people want to test the waters before they would fully take a plunge into them.

That is what the reason of their search for free subliminal messages is!

There is nothing wrong in it. As consumers they certainly have a right to assess the return on their investment that they are going to get by testing the free subliminal messages without investing any money on them, until they are 100% sure about their real worth and power that these hi-tech messages would equip them with.


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