How to Love YourselfNo one on earth can ever tell you how to love yourself but for the subliminal messages that simply make you do so without ever needing to tell you how they did.

Such are the magical working patterns of the subconscious self as never let the conscious ‘tip of the iceberg’ mind know what it did and how.

We only need knowing what makes the subconscious do what it best knows how to!

What does it mean to love yourself?

In fact the very ways of the domain of love are mysterious in their nature, controlling every single act of your life including that of hating someone else or your own self.

You cannot make theories about it. It always works in a randomly spontaneous way. That’s why they say love is blind.

Love YourselfIt’s right. Love doesn’t see the logic of your conscious mind. It has its own mysterious logic that only your subconscious knows, keeping it hidden from your conscious self.

I remember watching a beautiful movie ‘Blow Hot Blow Cold’ many years ago, in which the wife of the ‘cold’ couple asks her husband if he ever knew what love was.

And the ‘cold’ man, a philosophy professor, answers in a very academic tone that he had been teaching the very subject in the university for the past numerous years.

The wife simply gives a scornful smile to him.

Had the poor man learned his lesson of how to love yourself along with loving everyone around from the subliminal messages, he would not have needed killing the husband of the ‘hot’ couple with a stone boulder in the end of the movie!

You are a story being written by your own self on the pages of time and space around you. Just be interested in reading your own story as you go on writing it with love.

Once you do it, you will yourself become love, controlling every single act of your life including those concerning health, success and relationships; without ever needing to ask how to love yourself, again.

That is what the beauty of the subliminal messages is, connecting us to our bigger self, submerged deep inside water below our conscious ‘tip of the iceberg’ awareness, in the most natural way that is full of love and power all around.

Love Yourself Subliminal

All negativity vanishes into the thin air as love takes the reins of life in its magical hands!

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