Learn EnglishSubliminal messages are an important tool to learn English language with flow.

As you learn to speak English especially in the commonwealth countries that still belong to the third world, it becomes more a psychological affair than mere linguistic.

It is more so compared with any other language like French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish or German; as far as the quality of expressing in them is concerned whether it is the written language or spoken.

The reason of this special status for this language is to be ascribed to the large colonial empire spread almost all over the world that the British ruled for almost as long as 200 years.

The masses of these lands looked up to them as the master race who spoke a language that was different from their local languages.

If they could speak their masters’ language with any level of quality in order to be able to communicate with them, they were sure to get a chunk of favor from their ‘masters’!

The better the quality of their language, the bigger chunks they would get from them as favor!

Not only this, as they spoke their masters’ language, their ‘status’ in the eyes of their own countrymen got a big boost too.

The days of the British Empire have long been over now, but the trail it left on the psychological and the linguistic map of the world’s mind, still persists.

Learn EnglishI am an English language trainer to whom people come to learn English. They want to learn to speak English more than learn to write or read it, the reason being that the better they speak this language the more doors they open not only to make a speedy progress in their career but also to reserve a coveted status in the so-called high echelons of society around them.

This is what it is, going on in the third world commonwealth countries as on date!

And why only third world countries, even China is coming up in a big way with thousands and thousands of English speaking schools in all the big cities wherever its business activities are mushrooming right at the moment!

If you want to be a part of the mainstream international business, you ought to know as good English language as you possibly can.

So what happens is that stricken by the glamor of the language that the English language has managed to acquire in a large part of the world today; the people who come to learn English, especially learn to speak English, are psychologically overpowered by its glamorous dimensions, falling a victim to hesitation as they ‘try’ to speak even as much as they ‘know’ to speak.

At times when they are high on alcohol, they really speak much better than they would ever in the normal state of their mind, astonishing not only the people around but also to their own self!

But you just cannot be high on alcohol all the time in your life!

This is the biggest hurdle in the way people learn English, rather say learn to speak English. The demonic glamor of the English language!

Subliminal messages know how to fight this demon by way of getting embedded in the depth of your subconscious mind to change your speaking spirits from within without being high on alcohol.

You need to psychologically learn to speak English more than you need to do it linguistically alone!


If you are really serious to learn the language, you just cannot avoid using these subliminal messages to let your psychological blocks melt down and be washed away of your mental disposition in order for your linguistic disposition to express itself with all its vibrant colors comprising the captivating sounds of its proper accent and the poetic beauty of its cultural structure.

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