Subliminal Learning Sleep LearningSleep learning as subliminal learning through subliminal hypnosis is a mild learning hypnosis with subliminal messages that has kept getting reported since times immemorial in human history. Not only great pieces of art and music were created and composed but also many great scientific and even mathematical discoveries and inventions were made during the state of sleep only.

There has always been an air of mystery surrounding such episodes that became glamorized legends rather than a scientific discipline to study.

And if it is so, why can’t we overnight learn a foreign language that has just been Greek and Latin to us till now and surprise the world with our instantaneous achievement?

In fact, many TV sitcoms and Hollywood movies have exploited this scientific possibility of learning hypnosis, distorting it in a childish way that shows it as an overnight miracle rather than a long-drawn process in time.

Let the myths be separated from reality!

Subliminal LearningThe reality is that no information regarding the subject or the language being learned is implanted in your head during sleep learning with subliminal hypnosis during subliminal learning with subliminal messages. As far as the technical information is concerned, you have to take it in during your waking hours only.

What it actually does is that it clears your mind turning it ready to ingest every single piece of knowledge in a much faster and spontaneous way, like we did when we were learning about the world along with our mother tongue in our early childhood.

The entire process of learning anew, except for discovering or inventing anew, is a process of getting mildly hypnotized to take things the way as the world does around !

It does take time getting deposited layer by layer into the depths of your mind. But once it does, it stays there for ever; especially if the layers get deposited in the deeper depths of the subconscious part of the mind.

It’s here that sleep learning comes to its own, showing its real colors of getting embedded in the deepest layers of your mind even when you are asleep. In fact, more so when you are asleep!

Sleep LearningWhat you are supposed to do is just put it on as you sleep and let these subliminal messages sink into your mind naturally taking you to a stage of mild hypnosis, without changing even another single thing in your daily routine.

And keep in mind that learning during sleep is a mild form of learning hypnosis, not a magic wand or an overnight miracle!


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