Speed ReadingHow to increase reading speed? Speed reading subliminal accelerates the said speed in an exponential way as you start using it regularly while doing any other job around.

The most interesting thing is that you will not be reading like a machine does. You will rather be getting an insight into what the words that you are reading so fast carry along in them.

An insight is something much bigger that merely understanding the meaning of a word or a sentence or else the total content of the written scripture that you are going through.

As you start reading something, you may proceed further in two different ways. The first one is limiting yourself to the form of the word as it is written and spoken along with perceiving the meaning that the dictionary provides for it. In this case you will keep your energies limited to perceiving and memorizing its most obvious structure along with its most direct conceptual meaning creating a single dimensional picture in your mind.

The second way expands your awareness as far as you picture the word, the sentence and the overall content that you are reading as the most intense life experience that it evokes in your mind as you go on reading it along with picturing a four dimensional story that the written word starts writing in your mind in a dynamic way.

And this dynamic way is much, much faster than the static one that the single dimensional reading could ever afford to give you even in the best possible scenario.

The question is how to ingrain this dynamic way in our conscious reading habits for good, without wasting our energies in trying it with the most tiring efforts in our reading schedules.

Speed Reading Subliminal Subliminal

The answer lies in starting using speed reading subliminal ingraining the dynamic insight in the depths of our subconscious mind, which in turn controls our conscious skills coming to spontaneously generate and develop the knowledge regarding how to increase reading speed, and automatically start doing it without making any conscious efforts to mechanically do so.

There lies the power of this subliminal in it that makes it possible for you to remember what you have read as a movie running live in your mind!

Speed Reading Subliminal

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