Video Game AddictionSubliminal perception for computer game addiction, video game addiction, Internet addiction and TV addiction help works as a magic wand by subliminal messages enabling you to see clear through the difference of value between the virtual world on screen and the real world around.

The difference is simply like the difference in the real sex and masturbation!

The real sex is as much there in the body interaction as it is there in your mental imagery, but masturbation is almost all in the mind alone!

It’s not that the screen is not a good tool. Of course it is as far as entertaining yourself in a passive way is concerned, once you have had enough quotas of your real life actions and interactions during the day.

But what if the screen becomes the entire world you prefer to live in front of, at the cost of your real life exposure to your real friends, business associates, office colleagues, romantic associations and your real life interaction with them?

Computer Game Addiction SubliminalOvercome TV Addiction Subliminal
You will just have created a virtual cage for yourself to keep you confined within, for which you certainly will have to pay with your health, your relationships, your academic performance, your career, your business and of course your love life too in the due course of time; whether it is for the sake of your computer game addiction, your TV addiction, your video game addiction or else your Internet addiction that you have been enslaved to.

You simply need an effective addiction help!

Nothing else provides this specialized addiction help as good as the subliminal perception ingrained deep inside your subconscious mind through subliminal messages taking care of any of your screen addictions, be it the computer game addiction, the TV addiction, the video game addiction or the Internet addiction.

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